n Ovalbox we look for information that allows you to visualize new areas of opportunity. No matter what the need of your business or company is;
We adapt our services to the branch or industry to which you belong.

"We know that obtaining information is a competitive advantage."


Palms are used as a tool that completes the recording of information in real time.


Depth interviews

We do not invent the black thread, the one who knows, knows. We seek information directly from the experts

Focus Groups

With the group sessions you can get, out loud, the opinion of your market. You only need to listen.

Telephone Surveys

Via telephone we collect information that you need to know about your market.


Record and Observation Log

We detail the process of your study step by step.


Processing of information

We process information in a concrete and effective way so that you can make decisions and develop strategies to conquer your market.

CRM control

We verify the customer service process to measure the efficiency of your business to satisfy the market.


Mystery Buyers

We identify the "real experience" you provide and contrast it with the "ideal experience".


When you want to obtain information quickly, this tool allows you to collect it at the time you require it.



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